Happy Round Schedule

Date Club Town Info
Nov 1 - 2 John Hendron Weekend NH Lake Shore Farms 
Nov 3 SEMCA Harvest Ball Plymouth see Semca 
Nov 8  Square Riggers Wellesley  
Nov 10 CMARDT  ROUND DANCE BALL Sturbridge 2-5 PM
Nov 15 Do Si Doers Walpole
Nov 17 Buckaroos Weymouth  
Nov 22 Nauticals Bourne
Tuesdays 5,12,19,26 
Sundays, 10,17,24
Happy Rounds Abington
Wednesdays 6,13,20 Hobomock Howdowners Pembroke

Don't Forget to be thankful for all that we have and enjoy -

December 2002
Dec 7 Young At Hearts Abington
Dec 13 Do Si Doers Walpole
Dec 15 Buckaroos Weymouth
Sundays 1,8,15 Happy Rounds Abington
Tuesdays 3,10,17 Happy Rounds Abington
Wednesdays 4,11,18 Hobomock Hoedowners Pembroke

January 2003

Jan 3 Do Si Doers Walpole
Jan 4 Young At Hearts Abington
Jan 10 Nauticals Bourne
Jan 17 Do Si Doers Walpole
Jan 19 Buckaroos Weymouth
Jan 24 Square Riggers Wellesley
Jan 25 Silver City Twirlers Taunton
Sundays 5,12,19,26 Happy Rounds Abington
Tuesdays 7,14,21,28 Happy Rounds Abington
Every Wednesday Hobomock Hoedowners Abington

February 2003


Feb 1 Young At Hearts Abington
Feb 7 Do Si Doers Walpole
Feb 14,15,16 Weekend w/Birgit & Bucky
Feb 21 Do Si Doers Walpole
Feb 28 Nauticals Bourne
Sundays 2,9,23 Happy Rounds Abington
Tuesdays 4,11,18,24 Happy Rounds Abington
Wednesdays 5,12,19,26 Hobomock Hoedowners Abington
March 2003

March 1 Young At Hearts Abington
March 7 Square Riggers Wellesley
March 15 Round Dance Classic/LHarris  Bourne
March 21 Do Si Doers Walpole
March 28 Nauticals Bourne
Sundays 2,9,16,23 Happy Rounds Abington
Tuesdays 4,11,18,25 Happy Rounds Abington
Wednesdays 5,12,29,26 Hobomock Hoedowners Abington

April 2003

April 5 Young At Hearts Abington
April 11 - 12 -13 Weekend w/Bucky Lake Shore Farms. NH

Happy Holidays From the Happy Rounds and Harriet and Bob

Stay Safe for the year 2003

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Last Updated 10/2002
by Jane Tyrie